1-2-Step Tanning!



1-2-Step Tanning!


Using a self tanner has NEVER been easier thanks to Vita Liberata’s incredible combination of ingredients. Not only can you guarantee an easy to apply, natural looking, odourless and hydrating result, but our unique MOISTURE LOCK™ makes it a 1,2 Step super fast process!

We get lots of questions about moisturizing prior to tanning but with Vita Liberata, that’s a big no-no – because there’s no need!

Moisturising prior to self tanning can create a barrier to the tanning actives and affect your final result. Exfoliating with an oil-free scrub like Super Fine Skin Polish and then applying 

Vita Liberata tanner to clean, dry skin will guarantee the best results.

Vita Liberata’s unique Moisture Lock™ technology is in all of our self tanners. It draws water to the skin surface and locks it there for 72 hour skin hydration, promising beautifully soft skin, helping achieve a perfect, natural looking fade and keeping skin conditioned and moisturized.

So remember when tanning –

Step 1: Exfoliate with an oil free scrub

Step 2: Apply Vita Liberata self tanner using a tanning mitt.


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