About Us


About Us

Alyson Hogg – founder and CEO of Vita Liberata established the brand in 2003, and since then she has been the inspiration behind the brand’s phenomenal success. In 2007, Alyson chose to focus specifically on tanning products, taking an entirely new approach to the industry.“The majority of tanning solutions on the market were not without their downfalls; often the formulas smelled bad, left streaks, dried out the skin and left users looking orange! We wanted to address these issues and once and for all change the public’s expectations and presumptions towards self-tanning. We wanted to create a tanning experience that was actually pleasant, and for once gave natural looking results that were kind to the skin. I ultimately believe there were two essential elements involved in achieving this: revolutionary skin chemistry, and a woman’s touch! It took the combination of a great chemist and someone who uses and cares passionately about the end product.”

“Coming from a country where people can be very pale indeed and where skies can be dramatic but rather grey, I wanted our products to remind people of that holiday feeling, glowing healthy skin, blue skies and sunshine! With Vita Liberata, those feelings are not interrupted by nasty smells, sticky skin and streaky results. It’s literally what Vita Liberata stands for – Free Life!”

Vita Liberata subsequently stormed the market and revolutionised sunless tanning. Following careful research involving 3 pharmacists, 2 formulators and 30 different attempts, we created Rich Silken Chocolate, the World’s first odourless tan. This innovative progression in tanning was put to the test and in an independent survey, 99% found that the tan had no smell, both in the bottle and on the skin!

Since then, Vita Liberata has focused on product innovation, creating the unique INVISI spray tan, pHenomenal the World’s first 2-3 week tan and Skin Plumping Peptide Mist, the only moisturiser that can be used prior to tanning, which is packed full of active peptides that balance the skin’s pH.

At Vita Liberata, our mission is to help you achieve safe, healthy, glowing skin with the best self-tan range in the world. We ensure that all of our products are non-toxic, odourless, organic, paraben free and bursting with natural extracts, like hyaluron, pomegranate, yam and ginkgo biloba, designed to moisturise and hydrate the skin. Formulated with our unique moisture-lock© system, all of our tans dry instantly on contact with skin and fade evenly like a natural tan, with no snake-skin or patching.

We aim to create a little moment of joy with each beautifully natural tanning experience. What we do is wonderfully simple. We capture sunny summer days in the best possible formula and keep them in a bottle for you.

Vita Liberata is now being stocked in 22 countries across the world including the USA, France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Australia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. It has also been acquired by international online retail and beauty companies including Amazon, Sephora and QVC.com.

Vita Liberata now supplies the Four Seasons Spa in Paris, which is recognised as the number one spa in Europe, and the world’s second best spa. This is particularly notable as the Four Seasons Spa will not use products that contain ‘toxic’ ingredients found in other self-tan products, and therefore uses Vita Liberata as it is the only completely non-toxic tanning brand.