Get Fashion Week Fabulous in a Flash



Get Fashion Week Fabulous in a Flash


Fashion Week is coming to London so take some tips from the style set and be Fashion Week Fabulous with an amazing pre-FROW glow. Here are a few handy tanning hacks so you can be runway ready!


Show a little skin

September can be chilly, which means you might not be baring much skin. But take your cue from the chicest fashion editors and make that flash of ankle on the FROW count with a cropped trouser and bronzed skin. No time for a full body tan? Never fear, if you’re on the go pop Trystal Minerals out of your handbag and dust the gorgeous matte bronzer over your hands, feet or any other part of peek-a-boo skin on show.


Look fresh faced and fabulous

The shows might be short, but the parties can go on all night. No fashionista worth her salt would dream of attending a show looking anything less than flawless. Banish tired looking skin by applying our Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask before bed (whatever time you manage to fall into it) and you’ll wake up with rejuvenated, subtly glowing skin!

Fake your way to fabulously toned legs

After applying your tan, arch your foot and point your toe – this will help you to see the definition in your muscles more clearly. In the shadowed area on your calf and thigh apply Trystal Minerals in Bronze, now you can un-flex your leg & blend for a clever contour hack. Model-worthy legs in an instant!

More Fashionally Fabulous Tan Tips

  • Arrive fashionably late – Try and avoid perspiring and ruining your tan. Take your time…and an uber, to reach your destination in style.
  • Re-hydrate – Alcohol will dehydrate your skin, which will result in a faster fade and an uneven finish. So match every glass of champagne with water. 
  • Tan smart – Apply your tan the night before an event, wear loose dark clothing to bed & sleep! Don’t do anything that might make you sweat until your tan has developed and is washed off. 
  • Be careful of perfumes – Your signature scent is often full of alcohol, so exercise caution when spritzing your neck & wrists. Mist your favourite perfume over a scarf and carry with you for ultimate fashion-week-chic.

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