The easiest way to get an instant and lasting face bronze on the go? New Trystal Pressed Bronzer!We changed the bronzing game when we released the world’s first ever self tanning bronzer in 2015, our Trystal Bronzing Minerals in a loose powder form. Now, we’ve added a pressed version of our iconic bronzing minerals to our collection, complete in a travel-friendly compact!

Our revolutionary Trystal Pressed Bronzer offers flawless mineral coverage and a lasting tan. So just how does this product work?

The tanning agent in the minerals reacts with your face moisturiser or liquid foundation base to leave a lasting glow on the skin. Simply sweep all over for a super sun-kissed look, or contour for a lasting chiseled cheekbones! Apply daily over 4-5 days for a subtle, lasting glow.

Did you know that you can also use Trystal as an eyeshadow, or to create fuller, plumper lips? Check out our expert tips and tricks and unique ways to use Trystal Pressed Bronzer here.Shop brand new Trystal Pressed Bronzer now for £25.00 / $35.00, and glow on the go!