Introducing NEW Ten Minute Tan



Introducing NEW Ten Minute Tan


Introducing New Ten Minute Tan

The fastest way to get a lasting, skin loving, natural tan? Our brand new Ten Minute Tan!

The time has come and we’re delighted to share our latest self tanning and skincare innovation with you – our hugely anticipated Ten Minute Tan. Tired of waiting around for your tan to develop? Want a product that nourishes your skin and doesn’t dry it out? Worried about transfer on you sheets – or worse – clothes? Fear no more. We’ve created Ten Minute Tan with your busy lifestyle in mind, so you can enjoy getting a beautiful, natural looking tan with absolutely zero fuss – in just 10 minutes! Plus, this silky lotion gives your skin a deeply hydrating body treatment with a full collagen boost as well as a beautiful lasting bronze. Oh yes. It’s the ultimate tanning multi-tasker!

How does it work?

Simply apply the Ten Minute Tan generously to your skin like a body moisturizer, then take just 10 minutes (up to twenty if you want a deeper result) to let the lotion absorb and work its magic. Our groundbreaking Advoganic Technology brings together organic extracts such as Rosehip Oil.

It only takes 10 minutes!

Before you know it you are ready to rinse off the lotion in the shower and gently pat dry. Your skin will feel instantly silky smooth, and with clean, product-free skin there’s absolutely no fear of transfer, so you can 

dress immediately. Your natural looking tan will develop gradually over 4-6 hours – so it’s perfect to apply in the morning when you need to be glowing by 5pm!

4 Steps to a 10 Minute Tan

Apply like a body lotion
Massage the silky smooth lotion into clean, exfoliated skin for a deeply hydrating skincare treatment & lasting tan.

Wait 10 minutes
Ten minutes to ourselves? Yes please! Take just 10 minutes and the tan will deliver your collagen boosting body treatment in the meantime.

Rinse in the shower
After 10 minutes, hop in the shower and rinse the lotion off using water. Your skin will feel instantly smooth and silky!

Your tan will develop gradually over 4-6 hours. Apply in the morning and you’ll be glowing by the evening!

Ten Minute Tan is £29.95 / $39.00 and available now at vitaliberata.com and in selected Salons, Spas and Retailers nationwide.