Prevent Sunburn! Use Vita Liberata! Feat. RL Healthy



Prevent Sunburn! Use Vita Liberata! Feat. RL Healthy


We all know the sun’s rays can damage our skin year round, coming into autumn it is important to apply a facial SPF every day to protect our delicate skin . This month we are taking some skinspiration from fitness blogger RLHealthy and protecting our skin with Passionflower & Argan Dry Oil SPF& topping up our tan with a self tanner!

Here in sunny California, I constantly need to stay on myskin protection A-game.It is sunny almost every day and I love to be outside.It is so important to prevent sunburn.By preventing sunburn, we are protecting ourselves from prematurely aged skin, skin cancer and dehydration!After trying lots of different products, my absolute favorite is Vita Liberata.

Not only do they have incredibly luxurious and protective sun block, they also have natural looking, and ODORLESS sunless tanner for those who may prefer to stay out of the sun, but love that healthy bronzed glow. They have no smell before or after you apply them to your skin! Vita Liberatahas both a dry oil and protective milk for you to choose from.Both will give you healthy glowing skin both during use and after.I personally recommend using the product everyday, even in less sunny climates and on rainy days.The sun’s harmful rays are present even when you may think that they are not! If you respect your skin, protect your skin! Their products are organic so you can feel great about putting them on your body.

A great tip I have for after sun care is Vita Liberata’s Prep & Maintain line.It is infused with moisture locking botanicals and give your skin a sexy barely there shimmer to accentuate your tan!Since I love using natural products so much, another way I love you treat my skin after sun is with pure aloe vera.

Remember to regularly reapply your products and be sure to invest in something high quality.You only have one skin so treat it with respect and feed it with the best nutrients and give it the best protection possible!You are already doing this with the inside of your body by eating the healthiest, most nutrient packed foods possible, so that take extra care of the outside of your body as well!