What Are Microbeads? And Why We Don’t Use Them In Our Products



What Are Microbeads? And Why We Don’t Use Them In Our Products


You might be asking yourself the question, what are microbeads? And why is everyone talking about them! Last week the Environmental Committee called on the Government to ban the use of plastics in beauty products by the end of 2017. At Vita Liberata we’re proud to say we do not use any microbeads in our products and choose to use natural alternatives instead.

What are microbeads?

So what are microbeads? Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic that are found in toothpastes, body scrubs, cleansers and many more beauty products. Because they are so small they go down the drain, passing through the filtration system and end up in our seas and oceans where they get ingested by fish and other marine life.

Why are microbeads so bad?

The microbeads are non-biodegradable so they don’t break down which means they’re not only contributing to marine pollution but they could also be affecting the food chain. Emma Cunningham from the Marine Conversation Society says that the evidence is there to suggest animals right at the bottom of the food chain are ingesting it and there are worries as to what impact that will have higher up the food chain. A single plastic particle can absorb 1,000,000 times more toxic chemicals than the water around it.

The alternative to microbeads

At Vita Liberata we’re proud to use natural alternatives to microbeads such as crushed walnuts and cranberry seeds. These ingredients are not only kind to skin but are bio-degradable, meaning they will break down naturally without causing harm to marine life.


Vita Liberata founder and CEO Alyson Hogg says,

“We replaced microbeads with crushed walnuts and cranberry seeds as soon as we understood the environmental concerns around this ingredient. That was many years ago. I am not sure why anyone is still using them.”

Our Super Fine Skin Polish exfoliator contains crushed walnuts as an alternative to microbeads. This is just one of the natural ingredients that make it the ultimate skin conditioning, tan preparation body scrub. Sweet Almond nourishes skin, restores elasticity and smoothness while Beeswax helps prepare the skin for tanning by being soothing, conditioning and anti-inflammatory
. Unlike some other exfoliators, lotions and cremes that contain oils and creams it doesn’t block tanning.

Like Vita Liberata, many brands and businesses are already opting to use natural alternatives. In light of the Environmental Committes’s call to ban microbeads and the heightened awareness around the enviromental damage they cause there is now no excuse to continue using them.

A UK campaign called Scrub It Out is encouraging businesses to stop the environmentally unfriendly practice of using microbeads. You can find out more here.